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    If you are in business for yourself or with a group of people, creating a corporation, limited liability corporation or partnership is an important step in limiting your liability and managing risk.  In addition to helping you form your business entity, the Arges Law Firm can draft bylaws, operating agreements and contracts to effectuate your business plans.  We will work with your accountant to set up the most effective business model for your operation.


​​     The Arges Law Firm, P.C. is ready to represent the home buyer or the home seller in residential real estate transactions.  Beginning with the title examination, through the closing process, to the conveyance of title, our staff will be with you.  We are dedicated to make sure your interests are protected and to help make buying or selling a pleasant experience.  We have a highly trained staff of loan processors who use the latest technology to keep your closing on schedule.  We also handle matters involving leasing or residential real estate for both the landlord and the tenant. 

Will AND ESTATE planning

​     At the Arges Law Firm, we recognize that people need to do some estate planning--especially anyone with young children or significant assets.  We are determined to help take the fear and intimidation out of the process.  Estate planning can be complicated, but it can be very straightforward.  For many people it is not hard to do.  A simple will is sufficient, along with a general power of attorney, health care power of attorney and advance directives.  In most cases, it's only when you get assets over 5 million dollars that things might get complicated.

     Preparing a living will and/or health care power of attorney are essential steps to avoid being subjected to burdensome and expensive health care procedures that you do not want---the Terry Schiavo case illustrates the pain and waste that can ensue.  Living wills and health care power of attorneys are usually very simple, straightforward steps---but an experienced counselor can help ensure that information about your wishes is available at the right time and right place when needed. 

    In estate tax planning, when a simple will may not be sufficient, we can help access a variety of estate planning tools to fit your particular needs and circumstances.  The goal is to ensure your estate goes where you want it to go without unnecessary delay of loss to estate taxes.  Here is just one example of many:  The IRS and North Carolina law permit the establishment of a "Q-Tip Trust" which provides for all income to the surviving spouse for life.  Upon death of the surviving spouse, the balance in the trust will pass to the person or persons named in the trust clause.  This kind of trust allows the executor to qualify all or a portion of the trust for the marital deduction.